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Episode 4. In attendance is Veronica, Jughead , Reggie, Kevin , and many others. Lodge had left him hanging. Next evening, Reggie went to Andrews house with the rest of the Red Circle members and pizza boxes, just in time to cool off an argument between Archie and Veronica. After learning that Hiram Lodge has been shot, Reggie tries to reconcile with Veronica. Reggie and the rest of the gang are appalled, watching their friend being taken away in handcuffs. At school, Ms. Furthermore, his salary is triple of what he makes at Riverdale High.

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Betty to Yale. Reggie, however, wasn't paying much attention as he spotted a gang outside the diner through the window blinds. Honey gets fired. The story depicts Archie, Jughead, and Reggie in bunny masks and Stonewall jackets as they restrain Mr. Before the situation escalates, Veronica suggests that Reggie take the rest of the night off to clear his head and recalibrate his attitude.

Reggie is struggling to come to terms with Honey's death. Gladys brings Reggie back to La Bonne Nuit after catching him trying to steal his car back before Gladys and Veronica settled their account. They are all expected to take this to the grave. Betty suggests that he write a monster story about Mr. In fact, unlike what he believes, they do not laugh with him. Honey guesses that Reggie hopes that if his friends laugh at his jokes, they won't notice the bruises left by his father 's beatings. As Gladys performs, she is taunted by Hiram's business associate. Weatherbee announces that the student council election votes are in.

Andrews assures Archie that his father would be honored and so proud of him. Terima Kasih. Veronica asks who has experience with getting rid of a dead body. Senior Prom in canceled Cheryl enters the student lounge and informs Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie and Kevin that she just saw Honey headed towards his office. Weatherbee suspended Jughead.


Veronica and Reggie head topside, where they find Hiram in the diner with a portrait of Veronica that he thought would be more fitting at the speakeasy, which he is sure will be a roaring success. Reggie and Moose' friendship, however, can be deeper, as when Moose ended up in the hospital after being assaulted by the Black Hood and Reggie cheered Moose up when he returned to school after visiting him several times in the hospital. The slightest deviation and Archie could end up dead. Reggie immediately rushed to his friend's house with Veronica , Betty , Jughead and Kevin to console Archie. Varsity squad is going to be tough to beat this year but they're missing their star running back, that being Archie. Reggie grows angry and punches Mr.

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  • Or maybe she won't.
  • As for Josie, she and her mother had a talk after riot night.
  • Kevin sings as he makes his way down the hall.
  • Reggie plots with Ronnie against Hiram On the day of the game, Reggie asks Ronnie if he wants to take revenge on his father for ruining her business.
  • Mentel kali sih dek, mau belanja ke pasar aja kok pake lipstik.
  • Reggie and the other team members back up their friend and Veronica warns that the police are on their way.
  • As for Kevin, Veronica asks him to be her emcee.

Veronica and Agent Ardelia then part ways. A shirtless Reggie brings down a delivery into the speakeasy. Reggie ran onto the field later during practice to inform the team that Moose and Midge were at Riverdale General Hospital after Moose was shot several times late last night at lover's lane while kissing and taking Jingle Jangle. Reggie is interviewed At school, Ms. After a while, however, the party is over by Sheriff Jones because there have been complaints about the noise.

Archie tells him to stop but Reggie continues. So, she requests that Reggie do sum sussing for her to find out what he can about Fizzle Rocks. They duck down behind the car at the sound of passing police cars, and once the coast is clear, they put Archie in the back of the car and drive off. Kevin has a bad feeling and wants to leave but Reggie tells him to relax. In attendance is Veronica, Jughead , Reggie, Kevin , and many others. That night, he joined Veronica , Kevin , and Josie , as the four of them went to a local club named the Roving Eye , where they got drunk and danced the night away. Veronica goes to Reggie with her suspicion that her mother may have hired someone to shoot her father so that she could make a profit from the sale of his drug operation. Veronica welcomes Gladys to the stage, making her debut at La Bonne Nuit. They were in need of new leadership.

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Photo Binaraga Foto mentel Reggie and other Bulldogs are at the El Royale center to help and support Archie during the Arcade evening organized to keep kids away from Dodger and his gang. While boringly listening to his friend siding with Veronica, Reggie was surprised and amused by the flyers that Ethel started to give students, revealing that Veronica knew all about her parents turning Southside High into a prison.
Foto Hot Ariel Tantum Foto mentel Weatherbee suspended Jughead. Upon arriving at the hospital, Reggie and Archie joined Moose in his room, during which time Reggie stole his dessert, then asking him if his nurse was attractive.

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