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Boruto dan sarada ciuman

by Sasho
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After Ao is defeat by Boruto, Sarada looked on as a giant toad crushed Ao, before she questioned who the culprit was. Sarada attempted a Fire Release, but Boro grabbed her and squeezed her. Having completed the escort, the genin began testing out the facilities Scientific Ninja Tools. Later, as ninja classes began preparing for the graduation exams, Sarada was accompanied by Sakura when Shino interviewed her about her future goals. Upon arriving, the team learned that the bandits were actually ninja, resulting in Konohamaru questioning if they should continue the mission as it was probably too difficult for genin to face trained shinobi. Recognising him, Sarada questioned him until one of the sick villagers when on a rampage. Pressing Koji for information regarding Boruto's mark, Mitsuki intervened to stop her, during which Koji retreated. Siapa saja mereka?

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Once transformed, Sasami quickly began making sport of her opponents, treating them as prey. In a last ditch effort, Tsukiyo grabbed Kokuri and dragged the man with him off the ledge and into the ocean. Confronted by Buntan Kurosuki , she pressured the student with her array of Lightning Release techniques in conjunction with Kiba. While Sarada happily applauded Boruto for his victory, she became very disappointed by him when it was learned that he cheated by using the exam-forbidden Kote to win, thus disqualifying him. She insisted that he help her improve her Great Fire Ball Technique, which he happily agreed to. Do you like this video? Boruto sangat sering menggoda Sarada dengan candaan-candaan yang bikin dia gregetan theanimescrolls. This is the article on the character. Contents [ show ]. Game All.

Arriving at their sensei's last known location, they discovered puppets in front of a crashed blimp. Diurutan pertama tentu saja Sasuke—bagi penggemar Naruto yang mengikuti manga ataupun anime-nya, pasti tahu soal yang satu ini. Artikel Terbaru. The elder however refused on the grounds that it went against the purpose of his goal for saving lives. Load More. On the outside, Sarada and the others were attacked by Tsukiyo, who was released as a last-ditch effort by Benga. Akankah mereka berpacaran di masa depan? Joined by Mitsuki and Boruto, she informed them Naruto was missing, as Shikimaru immobilised Kawaki from moving and has his peers erect a barrier around the Hokage's residence. Because she grew up without having her father around, Sarada initially struggles to understand who she is or what she's supposed to be. After he revealed that the thief planned to sell the goods, the three genin plotted to intercept the transaction and capture the thief.

Passing out from his fight, Katasuke determined his body to have been modified into a scientific ninja tool. According to Naruto, her personality takes after Sakura's, which he bases on the suspicion that Sarada is "scary" when she's angry; [9] she indeed has somewhat of a strong temper, which flares up more often after her appointment to Team Konohamaru. As Boruto's seal began to hurt Kawaki, also felt the pain, making him abruptly wake up and destroy the area within his vicinity. Siapa saja ya orang yang pernah mencium Naruto sebelum Hinata?


Inside, they were soon spotted by Akatsuchi. While the teachers would still evaluate the students' respective improvements, their true test was against the Hokage. Jauh sebelum Naruto dan Hinata menikah, Naruto sudah lebih dulu pernah dicium oleh karakter-karakter ini, lho! In order to capture the Byakuya Gang, Team 7 was assigned alongside other genin teams to report and observe the thieves, and depending on the situation track them. She reconsiders this after talking to Naruto, who reminds her that family is defined by how people feel for each other and not from blood. They decided to wait and see how things played out. Hype 30 Jul 20 Later, all missions were suspended during an investigation of an attack on two gate guards.

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  • Kiri explained that the shinobi were attacking the village to pressure her into handing them the deed to the village's bridge.
  • Deciding on joining the pair on their errand, it became apparent that Kawaki both had little experience enjoying the simple pleasures of life and was still as on guard as ever his new peaceful environment.
  • In order to capture the Byakuya Gang, Team 7 was assigned alongside other genin teams to report and observe the thieves, and depending on the situation track them.
  • The explosion from a pipeline hit Sarada hard and made her fall into a pit unconscious.
  • In Orochimaru's hideout, Karin revealed that the umbilical cord belonged to Sakura and Sarada.
  • While Sarada was happy to have her father back, she was dismayed by how little time he spent at home.
  • Pada perang dunia ninja ke-4, Kyuubi dalam tubuh Naruto sempat diambil oleh Obito.

When meeting various adults who knew Jiraiya personally, they each openly praised the Sannin, describing his greatness and influence on Naruto, but also each insisted that the two kids were too young to read the adult books. Team 7 prepared to confront the remaining fabrications. Search Now. In the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga, Sarada wears a sleeveless, buttoned dull red dress bound by a yellow tie and a white belt. After failing to catch Araya in genjutsu , Sarada discovered that she had been facing a puppet , leading to her exposing the puppeteer that was stationed on top of the tournament. Akan tetapi, bedanya, kini Tsunade tidak menghajar Naruto, melainkan mencium dahinya.

Berita Lainnya! Later, Sarada is annoyed that Boruto is wasting his mission earnings by buying trading cards. On the other side, they arrived in a foreign dimension, and found Boro , who told them the pot he was guarding contained Naruto. Geek 18 July For the first stage of the exams, all teams were given a true or false question regarding a book.

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