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Sasuke ignores him and follows him into the cave where the user of the Impure World Reincarnation is hiding. After his day training with Sasuke, the two sit by a fire and talk. While effective at piercing most targets, the standard Chidori is a very close-range attack. Sasuke clashes his Chidori with Naruto's Rasengan, and within the dome of resulting energy they trade final blows: Sasuke punches Naruto and Naruto scratches Sasuke's forehead protector proving his earlier boast wrong in the process. Stemming from his inspiration of Itachi protecting the Land of Fire from the shadows, he also sometimes acts independently on his own and helps the five nations, but does not even bother to interact with anyone during such instances if not needed. As in the manga and anime, Sasuke gathers the members of Hebi with Tobi watching from nearby. Uchiha Sasuke adalah salah satu karakter utama dalam anime show dan manga populer Naruto. This only angers Sasuke, who says Itachi had no right to decide his fate.


After Karin heals his injuries, Sasuke attacks B with Chidori, but it has little effect. Main article: The Last: Naruto the Movie. Suigetsu's blade is broken from the clash and continues to fight Darui , who orders C to locate Karin. Sasuke Kerennnn Bngttttttt!!!!!! They feed him anyway, needing him in top-form if they're to work together. He pulls the scalpels out of her arm and burns them with Amaterasu before asking her if she can heal herself now. Deidara takes to the air with a C2 dragon and Tobi plants explosive mines underground, cutting off Sasuke's escape. Susanoo continues to protect Itachi, but it degrades as he labours near and Itachi starts coughing up blood. Sasuke summons a snake to shield the blast and then immediately retaliates, seemingly cutting Tobi down, although he gets up unfazed.

Gaara shares his own experiences with loneliness and vengeance and how he came to decide that they were not worthwhile pursuits. Awalnya tim ini bernama Tim Hebi ular namun kemudian berubah naam menjadi Tim Taka elang. Because Itachi's mission is to stop Kabuto so as to end the Impure World Reincarnation, Sasuke tries to end things quickly by simply killing him. Sasuke replies he has decided to protect the village and he wants to be Hokage to change the current ninja system. Itachi cornered him and explained that Sasuke, as he then was, would not be worth killing. Like all Susanoo, Sasuke's has several swords at its disposal that it can use against larger targets or to easily destroy nearby structures. Sasuke then apologises to Sakura for everything he's done, which she tearfully accepts and Sasuke smiles at her. Fearful that he would be next, Sasuke tried to run. Andreadyatmajaya good and verry nice Reply. There he learned from Boruto of the new village holiday, Parent and Child Day.

Before they leave, Hinata tries to stop Boruto from leaving - who then puts on Sasuke's headband and affirms confidently that he's going to go save his father reminding Hinata of Naruto when he was young. Sasuke learns to summon snakes during his time with Orochimaru. Madara goes on to recapture the tailed beasts, including those sealed within Killer B and Naruto. Ia dan timnya mendapat misi untuk menangkap Hachibi ekor delapan. The Zetsus avoid answering and try to capture him. Senyum sakura itu sangat manis dan tulus sehingga menarik hati Naruto. While Karin treated Sumire, she voiced her joy at seeing Sarada again, saying that she has come to view her as family.


Patut ditunggu! However, between both the manipulations of Orochimaru and meeting Itachi again in Part I, where he was and is utterly defeated, Sasuke decides to sever all ties to his village in a single-minded pursuit of power, leaving Konoha to focus solely on himself. Sasuke and Naruto recognise Kaguya from his meeting Hagoromo as the origin of chakra. When they arrive in the Land of Waves, however, and are confronted by Zabuza Momochi , Sasuke experiences a crisis of his own, overwhelmed by the battle between Kakashi and Zabuza. Ketika sedang bersama dengan teman-temannya, Sakura selalu tersenyum.

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  • When Naruto arrives, he tells Sasuke it's impossible to do everything alone like he plans to, pointing to the missteps Itachi made and their own successful teamwork against Kaguya.
  • Although Sasuke's control is initially much better than Naruto's, Naruto improves rapidly using advice from Sakura, who herself mastered it from the start.
  • The Five Kage then reveal themselves and offer their assistance to rescue Naruto, revealing they are on friendly terms with Sasuke.
  • In Sage Mode, Kabuto shields his eyes so that he's immune to genjutsu.
  • Contents [ show ].
  • Kina is saved and is given sole credit for stopping Reishi and saving the village, Sasuke having altered the villagers' memories with genjutsu.
  • Di bawah Orochimaru ia berpikir akan mendapatkan kemampuan baru dan bagaimana memperkuat kekuatannya.

Kinshiki breaks free and drives them back, then allows Momoshiki to absorb him to become stronger. After the Fourth Shinobi World War , Sasuke began adopting some of Itachi's views: he decides to fight for Konoha's future so that Itachi's actions aren't made meaningless and bases his understanding of the "Hokage" around the decisions Itachi made. Sasuke claims that he's already more powerful because he can feel Itachi. She was excited at the thought of going to travel with Sasuke again but became sad when Orochimaru said she must stay at the Hide Out. His Fire Release-prowess is shown to be strong enough to easily disperse most Water Release techniques.

Sasuke clashes his Chidori with Naruto's Rasengan, and within the dome of resulting energy they trade final blows: Sasuke punches Naruto and Naruto scratches Sasuke's forehead protector proving his earlier boast wrong in the process. For a time, Sasuke accepts this, experiencing it first-hand on several of Team 7's missions. He finds most of the missing Kiri and Kumo shinobi on an isolated island, and through luck, discovers that Chino and Nowaki are, in fact, responsible for the disappearances. During his travelling, he receives a message from Kakashi regarding the disappearances of Konoha, Kumo, and Kiri shinobi and Sasuke agrees to investigate.

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Gambar Gentot Bergerak Foto anal asia When Sarada learns that Sakura really is her biological mother, she asks her father if he truly feels connected to Sakura.
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