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Raikage 2

by Mezibei
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LOL so dodging Ama isnt beating the tech Ay's only mean of attacking Kisame would strengthen him more than anything else. Browse More Questions. Even when Ay and Killer Bee took out the substitution Kisame was able to react to it briefly. Either way Kisame decidedly won that fight and only failed because Samehada turned on him. If Ay loses that much chakra how do you expect him to come back from it? LOL "Also there is still no defense against exploding clones. He is a hero among heroes.

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Samehada absorbs Chakra without even having to make direct contact also. Gaara and his entire village affirmed that he couldn't be defeated or hit, both happened and they were wrong. Kuuden is the current and the last Raikage of Kumogakure, he is known for his Lightning Release techniques and mysterious Magnetism Art. Killer Bee tried to blitz Kisame like that and he was unable to thanks to Samehada and Kisame's own very impressive reaction. Oh and da-wonder

Categories :. It would eat the lightning cloak before it made contact just like it ate Bee's. He can react just fast enough for Samehada to protect him and steal Ay's chakra. Itachi's chakra drops after a Tsukuyomi etc. Kisame has solo'd Jinchuriki before. He was Raikage for eleven years, but then stepped down when the opposition rose against him being in power. Ay isn't THAT strong and fast. She did not say that is was fluctuating. I can't say the same for Ay.

Can't be Tsukiyomi's. Later, his and the other Kage's souls were returned to the Pure Land. By the end of the fight Bee and 8 Tails both had almost no chakra left. I can't say the same for Ay.


I may even say im a fanboy to a certain extent BUT hes not almighty More topics from this board March 1. Killer Bee tried to blitz Kisame like that and he was unable to thanks to Samehada and Kisame's own very impressive reaction. Part II: Bee in all honesty should be able to defeat Ay because he is a Jinchuriki. Even if he turned it off Kisame could still drown him. I'm not biased.

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  • Kisame should win.
  • General 3 Answers Quick way to unlock characters?
  • Kisame wins.
  • And I don't think Kisame even managed to use a justu before the brothers attacked.
  • He only lost to Bee because Samehada turned on him.
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  • He also had sideburns which curved inwards, just underneath his eyes.

He was also described as being friendly and intelligent, seen by his versed knowledge in politics. What do you need help on? Killer Bee tried to blitz Kisame like that and he was unable to thanks to Samehada and Kisame's own very impressive reaction. And yes, a regular sharingan genjutsu wiil work on Raikage, just because he knows about Uchiha if he does since Leaf nin don't know alot about their power as shown in battles plus I'm sure if Deidara and Oro who is good at genjutsu can be caught so can Raikage doesn't mean he can avoid looking at a finger, you seem to forget how great Itachi's genjutsu is.

Not exactly. Something like that is not going to work on Kisame. If the blitz fails then he would try to really access his opponent. Jiraiya told him that is how genjtsu is broken. Secondly the genjutsu that Sasuke used was broken effortlessly by Danzo so I wouldn't use that as an example if I were you. He had shoulder-length, black hair which he wore in a peculiar style, along with a stylised beard which tapered off into a goatee.

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